The artist in the cloud

Digitization is changing our world. The art world, too.

Exhibiting, selling, collecting - these are the laws of the art market.  But the conventional picture of the art market is changing. Artists have discovered social media like Instagram for themselves and the boom around NFT's seems to finally question the taboo "a creator of art should not market himself".

But access to the new crypto world is very complex. Questions like: "Which platform is suitable for contemporary art? How is an NFT created? What gasfees are created when mining an NFT? How can the environment and sustainability be taken into account?" reflect the fears of art creators. A previously unknown independence, great accessibility and more freedom, are a gain.

The gallery wants to offer support to young and established art makers and creatives to use blockchain for their artistic products. We assist in the creation of NFT's and advise on placement on platforms. Our gallery space additionally offers the possibility to exhibit physical and digital artworks combined, thus making the new way of display accessible and showing the high aesthetic value.