For art enthusiasts

Build your collection of digital art. We help you.

Art lovers encounter new possibilities of expression and dimensions of presentation. Digital art can be stored on any computer or cell phone. Art can be taken everywhere lately. You can show it to your friends on the road or present it at home in your living room.

Many people interested in art are aware of this change in the art world. However, when searching for "good art" in the virtual art space, one often feels overwhelmed by the immense offer or is helpless in the face of the business rules of a new form of the art market.

As a hybrid gallery, LA Token Gallery wants to show digital art in the traditional sense and make it accessible and experienceable for everyone.

Our gallery space in Aachen presents a range of selected digital and physical artworks of contemporary art.

The gallery supports both the purchase and the display of digital artworks.

Questions like: "What actually is NFT Art? How can I purchase it? How do I create a wallet? What cryptocurrency do I need to buy and how can I pay with it?  How can I use the blockchain to verify the authenticity and provenance of an artwork? What is the best way to present digital art?

The gallery is here to help you with all of these questions.